3D Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is a photographic, digital twin of a physical location:
This is created using a sequence of videos, panoramic images or 360 deg images. Sound effects, music, text and other effects are often added to enhance the visual experience. This depends on the application.

Virtual Tour for Hotels:

e.g. A sample flat, a hotel, an heritage site could have simple hotspots that help in navigation. Whereas an art gallery may have hotspots to help navigate + links to online sale / purchase.

We create 360degrees, 3D virtual tour of Heritage hotels, offices, museums and other real estate facilities. These virtual tours can be used for the advertisement on website and other social media platforms for audience attraction.

Virtual tour for educational purpose: 

Virtual tours are often used by e-learning platforms to get geographical and historical knowledge of facilities with educational importance. Virtual tours can be used to explore science museums, art galleries or other similar sites. Virtual Reality headsets are often used to get immersive experience of such sites.




Virtual Tour for Real Estate:
This allows you a virtual walkthrough experience of property, thereby increasing sales productivity. This is very useful for large commercial facilities in identifying different areas like pantry, rest rooms, safety assembly points, etc.